HP StorageWorks D2700 DAS – adding spare disk

HP StorageWorks D2700 DAS – How to add spare disk1.  Login to the server and go to the HP Array configuration utility.
Select the “SAS Array” for which we have add the spare disk.
Here we have selected the “SAS Array B”.’

Then click on the “Spare Management” button shown on the right side of the window.


2.  Select the disk from “Unassigned Drives” group and click save.
Here we are adding 1 spare disk. So selected the disk in Bay 10 and click “save” button to assign it as spare disk for the “SAS Array B”.


3.  Now can see the disk is assigned as a spare disk for the “SAS Array B”.



Create LVM on CentOS / RHEL 5.8

How to add 3 new external hdds and create LVM on it.

steps required to configure LVM include:


  • Creating physical volumes from the hard drives.
  • Creating volume groups from the physical volumes.
  • Creating logical volumes from the volume groups and assign the logical volumes mount points
In this case external hdds connected to the server as /dev/sdc, /dev/sdd, /dev/sde
[ The command fdisk -l  will show the hdds connected to the server ]
1. Create a partition on the hdd and change file system to 8e (LVM )
Note:- This is a destructive process, and make sure that any data in the hdd is backed up before proceeding.
  a) fdisk /dev/sdc
  b) enter “n” to create partition,
         enter “1” to create primary partition
         select start and end as default (just press enter at both prompts )
  c) enter “t” to change the file system type and enter ‘8e’ for LVM
  d) enter “w” to save the changes
  e) enter “q” to exit
2)  Create Physical volume


3) Create Volume group from the Physical volumes create

Here I am creating a Volume group  “DB_TEST_EXTERNAL”


4) Create Logical Volume from the Volume group

Here I am creating a Logical Volume named “LV_DATA”

5)  Create filesystem on the share