Vagrant – running a vagrant box in windows 7

Vagrant  – running a box in windows 7

1.  Download and install virtual box from
and start up the virtual box.

2. Download and install vagrant from

I had my vagrant installed in the location C:HashiCorpVagrant.
And added C:HashiCorpVagrant;C:HashiCorpVagrantbin to windows environment path.

3.  Also install putty from   for SSH access to the box

4.  I had issues installing the box image using vagrant command, through internet. So I downloaded them and copied them and initiated it locally.

For this I created a project location C:HashiCorpVagrantProjectsVM

And I downloaded the box file or copied the box file from the url to the default box file location %userprofile%.vagrant.dboxes

5.  Add the downloaded box.
For this open the windows command prompt as administrator and add the box to vagrant list using command,

> vagrant box add lucid32 –provider virtualbox

  note : replace %userprofile% with the location to .vagrant.d folder

6.   Go to the project location C:HashiCorpVagrantProjectsVM and run the command

> vagrant init lucid32

it will create a vagrant configuration file in the current project location

7. Now start up the VM using the box image lucid32 by running the command

> vagrant up

8.  To get the ssh details run the command,

> vagrant ssh-config

9. Use the details got from the step 8 to ssh login using putty.

 username : vagrant
 password: vagrant

Now you are in the vm.