VMware vcenter 5.5 – single sing on and Active directory Integration

How to add a user/group in ActiveDirectoy to VMware Single Sign on1. Login to VMware vsphere web client
and go to vcenter servers and select the respective vcenter server and go to that page

2. Go to Manage >> Permissions >> Click “+” to add new user or group

3. Click “Add” button to select the users/groups

4.  Select the “domain” and using the search tab search for the user/group.
Once selected click “ok” to add.

5. Once completed, you can login to the vcenter using the added AD user.

Note : Assumption is that the server hostname is created and added under the same AD.

Puppet module install on puppetmaster

Puppet module install on puppet master from puppetforge online repository.If your Puppet master server is behind a proxy server, set the following, replacing <PROXY IP> and <PROXY PORT> with the proxy’s IP address and port:

export http_proxy=http://<PROXY IP>:<PROXY PORT>
export https_proxy=http://<PROXY IP>:<PROXY PORT>

  1. To search for a puppet module , run the following command from the puppet master server.
puppet module search < module_name >
puppet module search apache

2. To  install the puppet module from the search result

puppet module install puppetlabs-apache


3.  The installed modules file can be found in the location /etc/puppetlabs/code/environments/production/modules/ [for puppet enterprise edition]