Openstack Newton on CentOS 7 using packstack

1. Prerequisites
1.1 Hardware requirement 4GB RAM
1.2 $systemctl disable firewalld$systemctl stop firewalld$systemctl disable NetworkManager$systemctl stop NetworkManager$systemctl enable network$systemctl start network2. Setup software repositories

2.1  yum install -y
2.2 update the OS
yum update -y
3. Install packstack
4. Generate the answer file using packstack
5. Edit the answers.txt file and enable the required features..
6. Install openstack using the answer file

7.  Once the installation is complete , login to horizon using http://IP-address/dashboard
u: admin
p: password set for horizon in answer file

Google Cloud Appengine for Python – installation on Windows and create application

Google Cloud Appengine for Python – installation on Windows.
Also to create first application.

1. Go to the Google App Engine download page and download the windows installer under “Google App Engine SDK for python”

2. To install the SDK on Windows:

  1. Double-click the SDK file you downloaded (GoogleAppEngine-1.9.38.msi) and follow the prompts to install the SDK.
  2. You will need Python 2.7 to use the App Engine SDK, because the Development Server is a Python application. Download Python 2.7.X (don’t use a higher version) from the Python web site.

3.   Double-click the SDK file you downloaded (GoogleAppEngine-1.9.38.msi), if python installation is dected, click next

If python is not installed , install python using the instruction in following url :


4. Select destination folder

5. Proceed and complete the installation

6. To Create an Application, open the Google App Engine Launcher and

7.  Go to,  File –> Create New Application

8.  Fill in the Application Name, location for the source code. Also select the application port and admin port (We can set the ports as required). Here I have changed my admin port to 8001,.

And click create to create the application.

9.  To start the website, select the website and click run.

You can access the website using the url: http://localhost:8080